Monday, November 14, 2016

Weight Loss Exercises

Weight Loss Exercises

Your body is the best project to work for. After all, it’s your fashion statement and deep inside you want to flaunt it.

Obese people are more vulnerable to health issues than fit people. The extra weight of your body is the root to a plethora of diseases. If not addressed on time, you will start losing the control over your health and aesthetic values. Losing the extra pounds from your body demands a passion and determination. A great shape of your body will bring back the lost confidence in you and add more days to your life.

If the gym is not your thing as you don’t feel motivated in a place surrounded by attractive bodies then you can try few simple exercises at home only. Here are few exercises that will help you shed the extra pounds ruining your aesthetic values.

• Push-Ups – Push-ups have a slew of benefits. You can try few sets of push-ups every morning or whenever you get some free time. This will strengthen your shoulder, chest and arm and burn the unnecessary calories straightaway.

• Squats – Squats help you reduce the extra fat from the hip and thigh area. The frequent bending of knees makes the joint strong and the whole body workout through the exercise drops the extra pounds accumulated in various areas of your body. Make sure you don’t go for on and off squats as it will create complications for you.

• Balancing On Single Leg – This exercise is not every one’s cup of tea. You need a great balance to achieve the perfect posture. Holding one leg with a hand and leaning forward and then slowly raising your upper body is an effective workout for overweight people. Repeating the exercise after a certain interval will surely deliver the benefits.

• Side Plank – The exercise is good for achieving strength in the arm, legs and back. The exercise is considered as a fruitful one for obese people.

• Other Exercises – Apart from the aforementioned home-based exercises, you can also try different types of crunches, back extension, walking lunges, leaps, crawling on planks, to name a few.

Flat belly and lightweight is not at all a distant dream if you got an iron-will and you have chosen the right path. Jumping in the battlefield to combat with your spare tire or fat accumulated in other parts of your body will definitely take you closer to your dream physique. Your fitness a just a move away!

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